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1. Options

The powerful Admin settings

Quick and easy customization - options for everything you need!

E-Learning allows you to build your own style of work. The control panel for the template  options is included in the template panel. It is subdivided into different points for an optimized workflow:

E-learning with full Administration  

E-learning  follows all international standards to provide a stable and reliable workflow. All admin settings, activity modules and all courses will work just in the way you are used to. Additionally, you get powerful E-learning options to create your E-learning site to suit your desired needs!
Main features in the course settings:
  • Choose from included basis or  advanced your own
  • Course Picker: unlimited template options for multiple elements
  • Variable or fixed applicable
  • Choose between flexible or fixed time 
  • Different layouts for the block columns
  • Templates selector for general and body
  • Style your work for your future 
  • Plan your future for wealthy
  • Administrator or course teacher you are allowed to change the appearance and functionality of a course.